Global Routes Project

This site stems from the Global Routes Project which shares photographic imagery and ideas, drawn by children from their local settings.

The Global Routes Project provides children with the practical means and creative scope through which they can actively make links between their own lives, local and global topics and themes; and between the present and the past.

This site offers an open forum for discussion on cultural capital in education. Indicative strands include connections between photography, education, racism and stereotypes and how the curriculum can encompass the perspectives of young learners. The site lays the groundwork for future participatory project-based education practice and research. It aims to work alongside other initiatives that are addressing gaps in representation; for example, through producing educational materials that bring to light previously hidden ethnicities and genders.

Bnois Jerusalem Girls School Playground, Amhurst Park, London
taken by a Year 5 pupil at Stamford Hill Primary, 2018


Stamford Hill Primary/ Haringey/ London UK, Summer 2018

Thomas Buxton Primary / Tower Hamlets / London/ UK, Summer 2019

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