Learning Model

Global Routes Model

What is Our Model?

Global Routes Project develops approaches to school curricula that are inclusive and representative of diverse global communities. It is our belief that 'adding on' representations of previously hidden groups to existing frameworks is insufficient and new methodologies are needed. Global Routes Project has designed active methodologies through which the use of photography enables children to enter reflexive dialogues on local cultures as active members, within which global and historical contexts are present. It provides opportunities for children to discuss local cultures in relation to each other and to take children’s perceptions of the workings of current everyday life, at a local level, as a way of relating to global and historical contexts. In addition, the project invites creative professionals to share their craft through video lessons with a focus on our core values: representation, community and sustainability. Schools have the option to work with contributors at their school site to support the delivery of lessons. Global Routes can also provide training to educators on the methodologies needed to support a curriculum that promotes equality and diversity.

Our Values


We work collaboratively and view local communities as a valuable source of enquiry for young learners to make global and historical connections.


We create methodologies that support the representation of diverse global communities. We have an open forum for discussion on equality and diversity in education.


Our projects educate young learners to consider the long term impact of our actions and work towards a socially sustainable future for the planet.

“[r]esearch shows that just 16% of Wikipedia editors are female and only 17% of entries dedicated to notable people are for women.”
Noor, P, 2018. Wikipedia biases: Reseacrh exposes, male-dominated, pro-western worldview of the online encyclopedia. The Guardian. Available at: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/jul/29/the-five-wikipedia-biases-pro-western-male-dominated [Accessed 5.1.20]
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