Stamford Hill Primary

All photos were taken by pupils Year 5 in Summer 2018. Children developed their own themes: food, dreams, jobs, people, lost or abandoned, memorials and things in strange places.

Stamford Hill

“In Stamford Hill there are lots of people that have dreams but they don’t always achieve, they go in different directions.

” Birwa, Year 5, 2018.


“What I learnt from this club is that all cultures and people are not the same – just because one does something, doesn’t mean they are all like that or all from the same culture. If one person does something , doesn’t mean all cultures do. Like, some people eat pork, some don’t , some people where hijabs, some don’t, some fast, some don’t”

Irem, Year 5, 2018.

“The Jewish didn’t want their photo taken, they were busy…they probably thought we were tricking them because they’re different”

Irem, Year 5, 2018.

“Because Racism”

Birwa, Year 5, 2018.

“We met Ken a photographer, he was doing the same things as us. He had a camera lens so big that he could take a picture of a dragonfly resting. Like I said, people don’t always achieve their dreams, he wanted to be a chef, he liked cooking but he went in a different direction”

Birwa, Year 5, 2018.

“There are many memorials in Stamford Hill. I chose to take this photo because of the aesthetics and it really suited the black and white shade. I took this photo of the bike to show a memorial to people. The bike had a photo of a woman that had died but we preferred not to show it because we thought the family may not want to”

Birwa, Year 5, 2018.

Lost and Abandoned

Weird Fruits

Plants in walls

A selection of photos by Samuel, Year 5, 2018

“I learnt that Stamford Hill is full of so many different things”

Balar, Year 5, 2018.
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