Thomas Buxton Primary

All photos were taken by pupils from Year 4 and 5 in Summer 2019. Children developed their own themes: art of Whitechapel, food, uniqueness, diversity and respect, wildlife (the farm), fashion, creativity, technology and our unique place to be.


” In Whitechapel people are artistic in their own ways” Rabia, Year 5 pupil, 2019.


“One thing we all have in common is that we’ve all been dragged to the market by our Mums”

Adiba, Year 5 pupil, 2019.

“This is my Uncle, he lives far away, but every Friday he comes to East London Mosque to say special prayers, because Friday is a sacred day for Muslims. Its called Jumu’ah”

Rahma, Year 5 pupil, 2019.

“I’m the Broccoli Man of East London. Sometimes, late at night, people try and take them off the walls and eat them… death by broccoli”

Adrian Boswell, artist, interviewed and photographed by Rahma and Rahima from Year 4 and Year 5, Summer 2019.

“I’d like to research why art is important to the East London Community”

Rahima, Year 4 pupil, Summer 2019.

“Why are shops only based on one culture? They’re either just Bengali or just English”

Rabia, Year 5 pupil 2019.

“In Whitechapel shops are Bengali, English and chicken and chip”

Rabia, Year 5 pupil 2019.

“In Whitechapel, next to Whitechapel market, you can find East London mosque so that’s why they have loads of Bengali, Muslim shops and also they do a lot of chicken and chips because they know that people will probably want to go there and spend £1 or £2 and eat something that is actually nice”

Mahdi, Year 5 pupil 2019.

“I’d like to research which culture is most prevalent in Whitechapel”

Isa, Year 4 pupil 2019.
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